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 "The students and adults both had life connections and willingly shared with the group."

Theodore Roosevelt High School Librarian Simone Harris-Woodard 

on the D.C. Stories Read-In


Petworth Library: Fiction Writers on History and Imagination and Creating Landscapes and Emotions 


Theodore Roosevelt High School Library: The Songs and Stories of D.C. Streets Conversation 


Paul L. Dunbar High School Library: Researching and Writing D.C. History Read-In

Rion Amilcar Scott reads from his debut short story collection, Insurrections.

"I went deep into the Wildlands one day, and when they found me, I was near death. My flesh generated enough heat to keep a power plant going for a month, probably. I burned at 107 as if my heart had been replaced by a tiny sun. The doctor tells me brain death begins at 106. He says this ashen-faced, surprised I'm sitting up, conscious, bleary and dazed, but alive." 

                                                  - "Three Insurrections"   


"The evolution of libraries is essentially the evolution of people and their needs -- libraries remain necessary to our society."

                Petworth Librarian Darryl Wilson